Why do Filipino households prefer using organic pesticides?

  1. They are environmentally friendly
  2. They don’t stain furniture, floors, or any part of your house
  3. They are safe around kids and pets
  4. They don’t emit an unpleasant odor
  5. They are less harmful to people with asthma

With the growing concern about the adverse effect of synthetic pesticides on health and the environment in the Philippines, many Filipino households are increasingly turning to organic pesticides as an alternative to chemical-based products.

It’s due to the fact that organic pesticides are more sustainable and eco-friendly to use in controlling pests. Plus, they offer a safer and more natural way to protect crops and homes from pests without emitting harmful side effects.

This article explores why Filipino households prefer using organic pesticides over traditional ones. Read on to learn more.

They are Environmentally Friendly

Organic pesticides are an environmentally friendly option for pest control. They’re derived from natural sources and do not contain harmful chemicals that could harm the environment.

Unlike chemical-based pesticides, organic pesticides are easily biodegradable, which reduces their impact on soil, water, and air when used. In addition to this, they are also less toxic to insects, birds, cats, dogs, and other animals.

On top of that, organic pesticides do not leave any harmful residues on crops or in the soil. So, using them contributes to a healthier and more sustainable environment that many people aim for.

They Don’t Stain Furniture, Floors, or Any Part of Your House

They don’t stain furniture, floors, or any part of your house

Organic pesticides are often preferred by Filipino homeowners because they are typically non-staining. They are made from natural ingredients like plant oils, minerals, and natural resources that are less likely to leave behind any visible residue or stains on furniture, floors, or other parts of the house.

In contrast to this, chemical pesticides can contain harsh ingredients that may cause stubborn stains and residues, which can be difficult to remove. Fortunately, organic pesticides are less concentrated and less persistent than the former, which makes them less likely to cause damage to surfaces or materials in your home.

They are Safe Around Kids and Pets

Since organic pesticides are made from natural ingredients and are less toxic, they are considered safe to use around kids and pets. They are formulated to break down quickly and easily in the environment, which reduces the risk of residues that can harm kids and pets.

But, while they are generally considered safe, it’s still important to take precautions when using them. We recommend following the instructions provided by the manufacturer and keeping them out of reach of children and pets.

It’s also a good idea to keep your kids or pets away from areas in your house that are treated with organic pesticides until the product has dried or settled.

They Don’t Emit an Unpleasant Odor

They Don’t Emit an Unpleasant Odor

As mentioned earlier, organic pesticides are made from natural ingredients. Due to this, they do not require any fragrance or other chemicals that could only contribute to an unpleasant smell. This is why they emit an unpleasant odor compared to chemical pesticides that are strong when smelled.

Moreover, organic pesticides are often used in smaller quantities and less frequently than other pesticides, which means there is less opportunity for odors to build up around your house. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re planning to use them indoors to control pests. This way, it won’t irritate anyone in your house because they don’t smell bad.

However, it’s worth noting that some organic pesticides may have a mild, natural scent. While this scent may not be unpleasant, it’s still important to use them in a well-ventilated area and according to the manufacturer’s guide on their label.

They are Less Harmful to People with Asthma

Finally, organic pesticides do not contain chemicals that can trigger asthma symptoms. In fact, organic pesticides may even have respiratory benefits. For example, some plant oils used in them like peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate respiratory symptoms.

This is extremely different from chemical-based pesticides that contain harmful ingredients, such as organophosphates and pyrethroids, which have been linked to respiratory problems and can exacerbate asthma symptoms.

Additionally, organic pesticides in the Philippines are often used in conjunction with other environmentally friendly pest control practices, such as integrated pest management (IPM), which focuses on preventing pest problems before they occur by using methods like sanitation, exclusion, and habitat modification.

With the help of organic pesticides and IPM, they can further reduce the risk of asthma triggers to people vulnerable to asthma.

Key Takeaway

With this guide, you’ve had an idea of why Filipino households prefer using organic pesticides in the Philippines. After all, organic pesticides have plenty of benefits to the environment, humans, and animals, not to mention they’re also affordable and easy to use, making them a practical choice for many Filipino homeowners.

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