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Pest control is the best way to get unwanted creatures and insects away from crops and even your households. However, the chemicals used during this process have shown harmful effects on its surroundings as it kills and repels pests.

To prevent these issues from happening, Divine King is committed to providing companies with the best organic pesticides in the Philippines. We only pick the most innovative products with the least harmful impact on our clients.

The Best Organic Pesticides in the Philippines

What is the State of Pest Control in the Philippines?

In 2019, the Department of Health (DOH) took steps in regulating the operations of pest control services in the Philippines. Administrative Order 2019-0010 provided guidelines for regulations of pest control operations, certifications of pesticide handlers, and accredited training providers.

The DOH stressed that various pests cause human health problems in the country. That’s why they iterated in the administrative order’s rationale that public health pesticides play a significant role in controlling the spread of different diseases.

What are the Advantages of Using Organic Pesticides in the Philippines?

What are the Advantages of Using Organic Pesticides in the Philippines

Different forms of pest control chemicals have been used to control and stop the growth of insects and vermin. However, synthetic chemicals have proved to create more harmful effects on plants and surroundings.

That’s why here at Divine King, we aim to provide the best organic pesticides in the Philippines. Using this in your pest control services provides numerous advantages.

Health Safety

Health Safety

When using pesticides, pest control services should consider the gardeners and people directly exposed to the pesticides. Their health and safety are also important.

In the Philippines, using organic pesticides helps reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals found in synthetic formulas. Natural pesticides are made with biological controls that are combined with safer chemicals. These ingredients are also derived from more natural substances, rather than synthetic ones that harm plants.



Organic pesticides in the Philippines are an investment for pest control services. Compared to synthetic pesticides, their natural variation can come at a higher price, however, their effects are longer lasting.

When using natural ingredients, you can expect them to be more effective for longer periods. This is much more ideal compared to chemical and synthetic sprays, where you’ll have to go through repeated applications which will gradually damage your surroundings.



The biggest advantage of using natural pest control is that it's the better choice for the environment.

In the Philippines, organic pesticides are made from food and plant-based chemicals. Therefore, the active ingredients in these pest control chemicals naturally keep unwanted critters away without damaging the environment around them.

With it being organic, you also do your part in reducing pollution. The release of harmful toxins in the air is prevented. There is also less chance of the soil and plants being contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Utilization of Organic Pesticides in the Philippines

Utilization of Organic Pesticides in the Philippines

This natural substitute can be used in many different applications all over the country. With Divine King, your services can get their hands on the best organic pesticides to help many establishments and homes get the best natural pest control services.



Many households choose to go organic with their pesticide to reduce contamination and the spread of harmful toxins. With many home gardens, families do their best to prevent their food from being filled with these chemicals. This keeps their surroundings and their family safe.



School grounds are often decorated with many flowering plants and trees. External pest control services use organic pest control when dealing with this to reduce the health impacts on students and employees.

With the longer-lasting effects of organic pesticides, schools do not have to always constantly call-in services to maintain their gardens.



Farms are responsible for growing various crops to be distributed to sellers across the country. They must use the most natural organic pesticides possible to prevent the spread of harmful contaminants to the food people will eat.

With more natural substances, organic pest control is proven to be less toxic. Making it safer for use in farms and other agricultural practices.

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